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  • Other (horn, etc.)

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  • I don't care about matching/I have too many to keep them matched

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Thread: Matching Gear: Ivory, Black, or Other

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    Default Matching Gear: Ivory, Black, or Other

    I'm looking to get my first safety razor and brush and am really torn between getting them in black or ivory. This got me to think about whether others like to match their gear and which colour is their preference. I'm leaning towards ivory right now but will likely go with black.

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    Never thought about color coordinating my shaving gear. I have brushes in natural wood, clear acrylic, white, black, red, green, and butterscotch.
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    When I started, I went with all chrome gear. Since then I've purchased so many things that the matching went down the drain

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    I have a shaving brush with an polished aluminum handle, which just happens to match quite a few of my nickel/chrome razors, although I do own a gold-toned Gillette Tech too.

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    My main 2 brushes are plastic one is chrome and the other is red. My razor's scales are bamboo and I have my Cella in a off white soup mug and an Old Spice Mug for my lather water, so I don't have a thing that matches.

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    I thought about matching my razor handle and brush when I first started out wet shaving, but did not actually do it. Since then, I'm glad I didn't because I love the classic look of my chrome Muhle R89 no matter what type of brush I have (I have ivory and black brushes).
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    I tend to go with black for brushes, but chrome/nickel for DE's. Most of my straight scales are black or faux ivory. I spend more time trying to match my pre-shave, cream, splash, balm and EDT scents than I spend on trying to match equipment.
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