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Thread: Enre Noire

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    There are several ways to accomplish this and you can use your own imagination. Sometimes I spray both frags in the same location like my neck and inside of elbows, other times I spray each frag in separate locations. If I want to extend the longevity of frag(s) I will spread some "unscented" lotion in the palm of my hand, spray the frag(s) over the lotion in my palm and then spread that mixture over neck and/or arms. There are no laws against using more than one frag or where and how you choose to apply them.

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    I found that, apart from the initial opening where there's a resinous note that mixes with the vetiver to produce the boiled-linseed impression of printer's ink, Encre Noire settles into a very nice woody fragrance akin to Armani's Bois d'Ensens. Vetiver, Cashmere wood, and a hint of musk. Very linear and long-lasting, but it's a great fragrance to wear in the evenings with jacket and tie. Wouldn't wear it in hot/humid weather, though - personally, I think it would be overbearing.
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    I can't smell the "ink" smell...probably because I have no idea what ink smells like!!

    I will make Encre Noire, along with Windsor, my evening fragrances. Has anyone layered these two scents?
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    Wow. Just sprayed this for the first time. Reminds me of a mix of Bulgari Man and the scent of the scratch and sniff bat from my childhood. More of the bat, actually. I expected to love this but I don't think I even like it.
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