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Thread: How many blades do you have stockpiled?

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    Around 2700

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    I like to try new blades so about 10 different blade that I have a Tuck or less. I try them in an assortment of razors having found that some blades work well in some razors but not in other razors. Derby's for example work well in the Merkur 34 HD, but not as well in the Gillette Slim.

    If I like a blade and find them at a good price, I'll buy some in bulk. If I really like a blade, I'll really buy in bulk. This year, I've stocked up on Gillette 7 o'clock SharpEdge (Yellow), Voskhod's and Astra Stainless.

    If you like to try different blades, there are two B&B members, Justin (MaxZoran) and Paul (PLPenn) who provide a valuable service to all of us by running a razor blade exchange. You send in a couple of blades and exchange them for a couple of blades. For the cost of a postage stamp, you can try a variety of blades.

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    I started with a couple of sampler packs, a few packs from the the local discount stores, and got a few packs of blades with razors purchased on eBay. I go through a blade per week and am just not going through them very fast. To be honest, I haven't noticed that much of a difference between blades, yet. I guess I'm not much of a shave connoisseur. My plan was to buy a 100 pack of something cheap when I got towards the bottom of my stash, although some of the bulk blade buys on Amazon have been for several hundred blades at a time.

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    I have one unused blade left and can't believe I let my stock get so low. I will be buying some online after I log off B&B in a few minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talibeard View Post
    When you think stockpiling starts at 200 blades you really must be new to the game...
    Well, I am new to my current DE use, but back in the 80s I bought them ten at a time from the grocery store

    I'll admit though, having tons of different brands of blade available cheaply and in bulk packaging makes the act of stocking up more sane than it was back in the day....still think I will probably max out well under 300 total.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awa54 View Post
    Well, I am new to my current DE use, but back in the 80s I bought them ten at a time from the grocery store
    If I could buy my fav blade just around the corner I would do that even now I think. But the choice is limited; of the 3 different blades I can buy locally 2 are simply horrible for me and just 1 is ok (but no more than that; just ok) and to get my shaves of the quality and pleasure I expect these days I have to buy on-line or when the opportunity appears.

    Of course I settled for a blade that is not that easy to get in the Netherlands....

    So when I got the chance lately to stock up well for a more than fair price I decided to go for a lifetime supply right away.

    I knew I would always regret it if I wouldn't and I never slept better than since I have them in my bedroom....
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    Local availability of DE blades at retail is... Wal-Mart Wilkies, Merkur from local cigar store and store re-branded blades.

    If there were a local retailer with good stock of DE I would not want to purchase more than a tuck or two at a time.

    It took me time to determine which blades I want to try. The majority of that time spent right here on B&B. Then you need to factor in making an online purchase and shipping.
    I have a stash of greater than 200 and less than 300 DE's. 100 pack Astra SP's, 100 pack Personna red wrapper platinum. Add to those some previously ordered stock... gives me between 200 and 300.

    Once you factor in shipping, buying less than 100 of a blade you have already tried does not really make sense.
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    The BAD devil is in the details, of course, so here's a more or less exact, up-to-date count for your amusement:

    pcs, blade:
    510 Schick Plus Platinum (NOS)
    187 Timor Solingen
    186 Polsilver (NOS?)
    161 Gillette Platinum-Plus (NOS)
    85 Astra SP
    60 Gillette Stainless (NOS)
    41 Gillette Super Stainless "Spoilers" (NOS)
    32 Feather
    20 7 O'clock Blue
    14 7 O'clock Yellow
    10 Treet Durasharp Carbon
    10 Wilkinson Sword Super Sword Edge (NOS)
    4 Gillette New Swede
    x pcs of random left overs.

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    Even though I've stocked up on a few select blade brands, I still look for new blades to try out. Here's 1500+ of what I have. The brands I've stocked up on are at the bottom.

    Bic Chrome Platinum 10
    Derby Extra Super Stainless 8Dorco Family Dollar Brand 10
    Dorco ST-301 New Platinum 10
    Feather Hi-Stainless 10
    Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge 5
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Stainless 5
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum 4
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum 2
    Gillette Goal Stainless 5
    Gillette Silver Blue 5
    Laser Super Platinum 10
    Laser Super Stainless 11
    Lord Platinum Class 5
    Merkur Super Platinum 2
    Perma-Sharp Super Stainless 5
    Personna Israeli Blue Double Edge 10
    Personna Med Prep 7
    Personna Platinum (Red) 5
    Personna Barber 11
    Polsilver Super Stainless 10
    Racer Super Stainless 10
    Rapira Super Stainless 10
    Shark Super Chrome 2
    Shark Super Platinum 2
    Supermax Super Platinum 5
    Treet Dura Sharp 10
    Treet Double Edge Blade 7
    Wilkinson Swords 10
    Blade Man Double Edge Blue Blades 90
    Rapira Swedish Supersteel 100
    Astra Super Platinum 105
    Ladas Super Stainless 290
    Personna Lab 330
    Voskhod Teflon Coated 395
    - Pat -

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    Between 500-600. It's cheaper to buy by the 100 and I really like Astras and Personna Labs so when good deals came around I bought 200 of each. I also bought 100 Feathers and picked up 50 Wilkinsons from WM. In addition, I've got a pile of samples. If I try a new blade and like it, I consider buying 100 just so I don't have to think about it. I probably shave 300 times a year with a usual 3 shaves per blade so it's only 100 blades a year. Having 5-6 years worth of blades on hand for an investment of well under a c note doesn't seem like a dumb idea to me. I've got a lot of ammo too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awa54 View Post
    The folks who have multiple 100 packs of blades always amaze/amuse me, since at an average of three shaves a blade, six shaves a week a 100 pack will yield a years worth of shaving...
    They are just prepping for a PIF round !

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    My puny supply is insignificant compared to you guys. I've got about 15 SE blades and a 100 Astra SPs in the mail, but I've got my straights, so I'll be OK in the shavopocalyptic wasteland.

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    Just over 2600. At my current age/use rate, I think Im good till about age 88.....

    NOS Wilk285
    7 AM Yellow240
    Gillete Swede185
    Treet Yellow180
    Shark SS150
    Shark SC100
    LB Wilk100
    Astra Keramic100
    Personna Med100
    Ger Wilk65

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    I have about 900 blades stock piled just in case lol

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    Just last week, I vacuum sealed some 2000 blades (a mix of Iridium Super,Gillette 7 o'clock Black, and NOS Schick Plus Platinum); there's several more quart sized zip loc bags in different drawers with various and sundry other brands. Dunno total count, more than enough to start shaving zombies in the post apocalyptic world that's coming.
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    The Shavepocalypse is definitely on my mind, so yes, I am a Hoarder (only for DE blades though, mind you...)

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    roughly 270
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    I have 1500+ blades. And of those theres atleast 1400 i really like. So with 3 shaves/ blade im set up for atleast 11,5 years of nice daily shaves.
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    About 3000 I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsimonsta View Post
    This sort of thing has been done to death, but you will find that the top poll option of 200 blades is much to small for many around here.

    I'm at 12,000 blades right now. Half my stash is made up of 4,000 NOS GBE's and 2000 Gillette Dark Platinums (aka Blue Platinums, Navy Platinums, or Maltese Platinums).
    Quote Originally Posted by BroJohn View Post
    I have a life-time supply of blades, and most everything else.

    -- John Gehman
    Quote Originally Posted by echotron View Post
    Probably close to 400 - DE & SE blades. Gillette Yellows & Blacks, ASTRAS SP, GEM PTFE SE and misc DE blades.

    Gee, I didn't realize I was so low on blades ... need to order some more right away!

    That's the B&B spirit!

    Quote Originally Posted by texcattlerancher View Post
    I have one unused blade left and can't believe I let my stock get so low. I will be buying some online after I log off B&B in a few minutes.
    Off with his head!!!!!!

    Ookla... Ariel.....RIDE!!!!

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