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Thread: How did it happen, I've become a weirdo

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    I am reminded that I am weird when a visitor asks to use my bathroom. I have eleven shaving brushes, six razors, a scuttle, and a bowl of MFW on the bathroom sink. That's only the stuff that one can see when one walks into the bathroom. That doesn't include the hundreds of razor blades, the eight tubs of shaving crean, and the the 1000g of Cella that are in drawrers, in the balthroom closet, or in boxes. I guess I should get over being embarassed. I figure I can go without buying any more shaving stuff for at least five years if I want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by latetolathering View Post
    So it seems that my mistake is having only 3 razors. 3 seems a bit weird because you don't "need" 3 razors to shave.
    However, 10 is clearly a collection and therefore acceptable.

    Right, only 7 razors away from normality, sweet
    +2 Hahahaha In that case, pardon me while I go hit eBay (any excuse to buy more is a good one!)
    My girlfriend has really taken to my newfound grooming passion well. She always hated the stubble, so she rather likes that I shave every day.
    Hail Sinfonia! --Josh B.O.M.B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gissy View Post
    When I tell people I shave with classic razors and have collected a few they usually seems to think it's quite cool. The second I tell them I am on a intenet forum talking with other people who do the same is when the real weirdo looks always appear.

    My wife now just rolls her eyes when a new package arrives, and has even gotten to the point of saying, "Just remember to pay the darn credit card bill on time." Given enough time, the weirdness of multiple products, razors, and brushes passes. But when she catches me online, reading and posting on B&B, she still gets weirded out. I'd say forum participation is far and away her number one complaint with my shaving hobby.

    It's because she doesn't like me interacting with a bunch of weirdos like you...

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    My third razor is in the post. I too have come from the pluck it do I have to shave to looking forward to it 7 days per week.
    SWMBO is never wrong she thinks I am a weirdo so I must be. don't mention her shoes what every you do, it is just not worth it.........
    Happy to be in the club.
    Chris - Steward of Shaving Creams | Shaving Cream Reviews
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannata View Post
    I figure I can go without buying any more shaving stuff for at least five years if I want to.
    Why would you want to?
    "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." -- Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by VladTepes View Post
    "Discover the Weirdo Within" <-- new B&B promotional slogan ?
    Last edited by Augustiner; 03-11-2012 at 04:22 PM. Reason: Added more ha, I can't get over it

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    I have been at this thing less than a month and I already have A Parker, Merkur, two Superspeeds, two Techs, a Lord L6 and a EJ DE 89 on the way Tuesday.

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    You're only weird if you start talking about it "on the outside". There really ought to be a secret handshake for shaving junkies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charles_r View Post
    Just to make me even weirder, I use Linux on 4 PCs out of 5 at home ...
    BOTOC - GEM MicroMatic OC ... Gentle enough for a grizzly but made for a man!

    The only cartridges I own ...go into my guns!

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