It has been over a year since I last posted at B&B and a bit longer since I switched to ol-skool DE shaving!!

The story so far:
I am still using the blades from the assorted pack I bought from letterK's site. Used up completely a container of Body Shop's maca root shaving cream. Still using my year old Tabac shaving soap. Still using the boar hair brush and Merkur DE razor I bought when I re-started DE shaving. Other "consumables" have been three Pinaud's styptic pencils (I wet the whole stick and roll it on my face!), one bottle of witch-hazel and two bottles of 95% isopropanol to clean and dry the blade/razor before storing. I am still using the bottle of Mr. Sidney's aftershave I got when I started.

As for my total investment in shaving gear and consumables, over the last year or so, it has been WAY WAY WAY less than what I was spending on shitty 5-blade cartridges from Gillette and goo in a can. OK, now that the financials are out of the way, time to talk about the real stuff.

My skin is way healthier and has stayed that way with a much lower incidence of in-grown follicles, the odd pimple and similar crappy skin-boogers that used to show up earlier. I actually look forward to my shaving ritual and feel far less "resistance" to shaving than ever before. Honestly, I feel this was one of the best lifestyle-changes I have made in recent years and I really want to thank the kind folks at B&B for their encouragement and guidance along the way... THANKS!