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Thread: Will the real "Old Spice" please stand up

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    Wow..what an interesting thread. Read all 12 pages of it.

    I remember, some years back a friend came from the States, and he carried over his OS AS. I quite liked the smell, probably since I was so tuned into the OS here; I kept his bottle. Old Spice was/is practically the only after shave, till the economy opened up (maybe Blue Stratos but that was expensive), used for commercial and individual consumption. To be honest "we" would gift men, Old Spice after shave on special occasions, and would go out of the way to find the spray version -called- an atomizer here, for some reason...! Then the Gillette brand came in, and dynamics started to change. Many households would use OS as a minor disinfectant too...!

    Had a question: Old Spice has quite a high "burn" rate. Meaning: when applied, it usually sets the face on fire. How much variation was there in the different versions. Primarily the American and Indian versions. I cannot remember, to be sure, since I used the American version once..!

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    My biggest laugh about OS is the wife made me give my collection to my Father when we got married 20 years ago cause I could not smell like her brothers or Dad. About 5 or 6 years ago I heard about FD or Dollar General Spice on a Cheap Drugstore Thread here. I got a bottle and started wearing it and the wife loved it on me. Sadly my Father has used up all that Old Spice I had collected back from 1976-1990. I had a real stash cause I got the AS/ Col gift sets from both Grandparents and from my Aunts and Uncles plus I got 10 sets when I graduated from HS in 1984. Dad is a OS / AV Ice Blue daily wearer.
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    Does the Old Spice shaving cream in a tube contain tallow or is it strictly vegetable based?

    Quote Originally Posted by Penknight View Post
    My spicier of the two was manufactured 07/12, expires 06/15. The other one in the newer version of packaging was manufactured 03/14.
    And the batch number on the spicier of the two is BW0S262. Here, I hope, are pictures of the two tubes that I have...

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    It does not list tallow in the ingredients. Just a palm based stearic acid. It whips up a real good smooth lather with a strong scent of the old OS.

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