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Thread: Will the real "Old Spice" please stand up

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    hey folks: long-time shaver here; first started in 1969, when my housemaster at the Philadelphia orphanage i grew up in took a look at me one day, called me into his office, opened a drawer, and handed me a box containing a small ball-end Gillette, and said, 'Use it.' of course, i tore my face up, and boy howdy, in those days of Aqua Velva and Hai Karate, there was a sting!

    i have to say that i was both surprised and disappointed to recently learn of the demise of Old Spice through Proctor and God's reformulation, so i had to find out for myself; just came back from Wally World, where i picked up a bottle of the 'Classic' aftershave (made in Canada), and...

    it ain't Old Spice - dunno what it is, but that ain't it...

    so i took the advice of other folks in this great thread, and swung by a Family Dollar and picked up a couple bottles of its Vijon-made 'Spice' - close, but not bad in this 'ol geezer's opinion... i then did, also as suggested here, a 50/50 mix of the two brands, and...

    very, very close... not quite, but close enough for me... the wife unit likes it, and she remembers the original quite well

    so there ya go, my $0.02 opinion - and kudos to the OP for the effort on the chromatograhpic analysis - very interesting!

    on the sunny and warm Gulf of Mexico

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    I suggest you pick up a bottle of Old Spice Original aftershave from India. It is exactly as I remember my father using in the 80's when I was growing up, and is one I now use regularly. It is wonderful to have that around again!
    '46-'48 Aristocrats, '55-'56 Red Tips, '58-'59 Fatboys, '62 Slim, '74 Super Speed

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