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    I bought my first brand new razor and it arrived yesterday morning. A Boker 4/8 Extra Hollow. I'm in love .
    My first razor is a Geneva Cutlery 5/8 round. I've had great shaves from it. But I wanted to try some other forms and see what works best for me. And since I liked small razors when I used DE (I think the ball end tech might be my favorite) I thought I'd give a 4/8 a shot. I saw this one and thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Go smaller and also see if the "extra hollow" really means anything and if it makes a difference on my face. I've used this blade twice and so far the answer is yes. I have a prominent cleft chin that has always given me trouble. This blade seems to bend around the contours better than my other straight or any DE I've used. It gives me a great sense of what I'm doing in tricky areas and I got a smoother chin shave tonight than I think I've ever gotten before. And it felt easy.
    The Boker does look to have a longer stretch of thin blade than my other razor. Also the tang is thinner and the scales a bit shorter because there is less distance from pivot pin to scale end and from blade toe to wedge. Of course my other blade is old and may have been rescaled and may have once been a 6/8 for all I know.
    My straight experience is very limited and I have yet to try a spike point or a 6/8 or larger blade or a half hollow or wedge so I can't say I've found my perfect razor. But despite the fact that I'm still a bit shocked I spent this much for it, this one has made me very happy. Since this smaller size is good for me maybe I'll even look at a 3/8. I see the Revisor site has some Schulze razors in that size. Has anybody tried one?

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    I love mine too. Great write up btw. I think you nailed the "essence" of this razor. Be careful lol - you might just start to fall for those little 4/8's.

    I noted that the Boker does have a "longer stretch of thin blade" over many others too! I was amazed. It's still pretty stiff though (which is good), and even more so than my 4/8 Dovo. That's to say if you want to try one that I find bends more than the Boker, try and find a Dovo 4/8.

    Report back on how you like the 3/8! Enjoy the ride brother lol!!
    - David

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    Oh btw - i just got two Revisors (4/8's though) - so far they are pretty good! Great really. I am holding back just a little on the recommendation though... just a little because I am just not sure I am sold on the steel yet. I am getting great shaves so far, and i guess that's all that matters but there's just something.

    Anyway TI UK, has some awesome Le Grout 3/8's for sale too. Thinking about getting one myself - but that's not to say that the Revisors aren't a good shave!!
    - David

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