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    Razor6/8 Genco Henry's XX Fresh from the hones
    PrepHot Shower / Barbasol Lather soak with Hot Towel / Virgin Olive Oil face rub
    UberSir Irisch Moos
    Brush24mm Silvertip in Honey Locust Hardwood
    ASOBR Sandalwood
    EdTOBR Original Cologne
    ResultI honed this razor up today, as I had rolled the edge learning to strop almost a year ago. I decided not to get it honed up again until I was able to do it myself. I've been developing my honing skills to the point I thought I might be able to pull if off, which I did. Today's shave was heaven. The razor was keen, but smooth and left me DFS in 2 passes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Happy Shaving Folks!!


    -- Hammer -- Did someone say RAD???

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    nice razor.......also how do you do the table? i can't see to get it....

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    in advanced mode, choose table and then properties

    you'll get
    [table="width: 500"]

    my suggestion is to use the mode WYSIWYG to fill in the table more easily. if you don't have it on you can switch to it using the A/A button

    happy table making!
    --Jon. "Love me some 14s"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBShaver View Post
    nice razor.......also how do you do the table? i can't see to get it....
    Oh shoot man, I'm sorry I did not see the reply, as this was just a test, I didn't think anyone would look at it.

    To Global, thanks for responding to BBShaver!!

    What I do, is I create the table in advanced mode so that I can see the code. I copy the code and past that into a normal text file I keep on my desktop. I use that as a template for each day's shaves. When I want to post a table then I modify the text file on my desktop and copy that. Then when I want to post it up, I simply do a reply to thread, paste in my code and viola!! there is my table, no fuss, no muss. Add my photo and my post is done in nothing flat.

    I hope that little tip helps too!!

    Have Fun!!

    -- Hammer -- Did someone say RAD???

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