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Thread: Simpson Chubby questions

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    I was expecting chubby 2 in super. Why best? Would you want 2 band? Trying to extract as much info as I can :)

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    I got my Chubby 2 in the mail today and promptly bowl lathered up some KMF and then shaved using Cella. What a wonderful little machine. The only brush that I've had that comes close to the amount of lather the "2" gave me was a Simpsons 57.

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    In best?

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    Here are a couple of my favourite Chubby brushes. Both size 3, both not current production (likely "Carter" era), one in best (which IMO is comparable to today's super) and one "Extra Soft" which is supposedly "Manchurian." I am going to have to acquire the current Chubby 3 in the current "Manchurian" offering to compare...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ben74 View Post
    IMO size is predominately an issue dictated by preference.

    That said, all brushes have their pros and cons.

    But in the end, some like big brushes while others prefer small.

    Definite advantages only become apparent when other factors are thrown in the mix. For example, I want a Chubby for travel, well a smaller Chubby, aside from taking up less room in your toiletries bag is also likely to dry faster than a larger one (which is important if you are on the move).

    Another might argue, a smaller brush allows for a more deliberate application of lather and hence might argue face latherers would benefit in the possibility of greater control offered by a smaller brush. Well, I say despite an extensive scuttle collection, my preference is not only for larger brushes, but also face lathering and I have no issue with keeping the lather where I want it.

    I guess my point is size 1, 2 or 3 are going to be equally proficient at preparing your lather. A size 3 is likely to use up a little more product than a size 1, but is that really a determining factor in choosing size... Of course not, it's what you enjoy most that should influence your size choice.

    Edit: Or perhaps budgetary constraints might dictate your choice (as obviously >badger = >$).

    Further, I own all 3 sizes and the size 1 sees very little soap! (But that's because I ENJOY larger brushes, not because they perform any better).
    Plissons, and chubbies, and Kent's ohh my!! What brand don't you own all models of? ;)
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