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Thread: Feather vs. Personna Barber Blade

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    Default Feather vs. Personna Barber Blade

    Hello Everyone just wanted to post my results from this past Monday's shave. I started with a brand new Personna blade on 4 days worth of growth and the Personna couldn't even handle one pass. It was pulling and tugging so bad that I had to grab my Merkur Progress loaded with a feather blade that already had 4 shaves under its belt. The result was unbelievable. The Feather cut through with no problem like a knife threw hot butter. I am really disappointed in the Personna Barber cause I have the Meds and they are good. It's still amazing that a brand new blade can't even compete with a used Feather.

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    Feathers > than all other blades combined.
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