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    Will a bulldog handel fit the Muhle R89 head? I find the handle that comes with
    the razor quite slippery even dry. Also, how might it change the balance.
    Like the razor...but it truly slips around in my hand.

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    Sid, I can't answer your question, although I'm sure someone will soon, but I have never found the handle on the R89 slippery, not in the slightest. That comes as a surprise.

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    Yes it will fit, just make sure you tell him which razor the handle is for. I have a handle from him for mine as I found the stock handle way too slippery. Love his handle with it.
    Dripp - he who loves shaving...

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    Thanks. Was using mine with a tissue wrapped around the handle.

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    you could always rub some alum block on your fingers, or your styptic pencil. It does wonders for grippiness.
    Dripp - he who loves shaving...

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