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Thread: Kamisori questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickboone1 View Post
    I shave lying down too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by casus4844 View Post
    Its the whole point in using Kamisoris the traditional way!! The angle!

    Taken from the previous page:

    "Kamisori are used with one specific side against the face at all times. That side is the unstamped "Omote." The stamped side, which has a much more pronounced concave, is the "ura" and it is to be used away from the face.The use of Kamisori is a tradition. It is the way it is. [...] If the use was, as you would like, symmetrical, then the blade would be symmetrical.

    That's from Mr. Rion, not Iwasaki or any credible source, and has only been supported with assertions and flimsy stuff like "an old barber told me!" and "every Japanese person does it that way."

    Adding to the fact of what I pasted even Iwasaki says
    "If you try using a razor at a standing angle, the edge will very quickly start to show signs of
    damage, and an edge that should shave 200 faces or more will only shave around ten. So if you
    think you'd like to preserve your edges as long as possible, keep the blade as flat as you can when
    you shave."

    Hence not using the other side just sticking to one side will make the edge last longer. So shaving the traditional way with a Kamisori is meant to make a Kamisori edge last longer.
    The bolded part is angle to the face, it and the Japanese original text are not discussing sides. A low angle can be achieved with either side.

    I'm not asserting there cannot be a tradition, but it has not yet been expressed from anything approaching a good source.

    P.S sorry if the previous post was facetious and I took it seriously.
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    One youTube vid is titled "130 years in Business: Japanese razor shaving from Barber Yanagi" Then the guy shaves the client with both sides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentos View Post
    One youTube vid is titled "130 years in Business: Japanese razor shaving from Barber Yanagi" Then the guy shaves the client with both sides.
    I've reported him to the Japan Self Defense Force for doing it wrong.
    "My mother said, to get things done, you'd better not mess with Major Tom."

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