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    Default Superlather?

    So Im a newb that loves MWF. Over the past few months Ive tried more than a few soaps and MWF is my go to. I recently traded a Mama Bear for some TOBS Lavender cream. Really love the scent. After a few days with it I havent been able to get it slick enough to my liking. I tried a superlather tonight with MWF and the cream. It was close, maybe a 3-1 ratio, MWF to TOBS.

    I guess what Im getting at (there was some superbourbon after the superlather) is a question. Are soaps in general simply slicker than creams? I know Ive only tried one cream but I dont see a need to try more as the main thing I like about this one is the scent. ASBs can handle that.

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    MWF and TOBS Lavender cream makes a great superlather! But I agree with you, TOBS cream is not nearly as slick as MWF. I don't know if that applies to soaps and creams across the board, though.

    I got a tub of Body Shop Maca Root shave cream for Christmas, and that lather is a good bit slicker than TOBS, much closer to soap in my opinion. Makes a great superlather with Palmolive shave soap.
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