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Thread: End of Year Clearance Sales

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    Default End of Year Clearance Sales

    As the end of year approaches I take inventory and see what needs to move, etc. Most of these are bottles that have very little left in them so figure I'd offer a little incentive to get them off the shelf so new stock can replace.

    Purchase any of these items and choose any other item from for FREE so long as it's the same price or less than your original item you're purchasing. Or, if the item from the site is more, the one from this thread will be FREE.

    Dior Leather Oud 15 ml only. Lowered to $25. Choose a freebie.

    Choose Freebie from for free

    All items below are 4 ml
    I will use spray atomizers until I run out. You may get spray, you may not.

    Caron L' Anarchise 4 ml 2 available $12

    AOS Sandalwood $8 2 available

    GFT Spanish Leather $7 2 available

    Davidoff Echo $6 2 available

    Azzaro Chrome $7 1 available

    Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme $11 2 available

    Serge Lutens Chergui $17 3 available

    Serge Lutens Fumere Turque $17 Only 1 available

    Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui $12

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________


    These are partial bottles that are extra and won't be used for decants.

    ~ 60% of 100 ml Quorum. No box, no cap. $12 shipped or $9 with any other purchase

    ~ 80% of 100 ml Azzaro Pour Homme. no box, no cap, demonstration bottle. $15 or $11 with any other purchase

    Once these are gone, they're gone. They will be replaced with other scents. Very limited quantities.

    If you need any help or have questions, please let me know. Basically, buy anything from this thread, get something on the website for free.
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    Alright, gents. Get any item in the above post for 50% off, PLUS get a free item from my sales thread that's not in this list.

    Get one of each above for $70 shipped. Yes, this will clear a few off the list and yes you will get the Dior Leather Oud 15 ml as well.

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    SL Chergui is sold out.
    Leather Oud is sold out.
    Montale Black Aoud is sold out.

    I want to thank everyone for a great first couple of weeks! I really appreciate your support.

    There's some awesome new product that will be coming soon.

    Sale ended. Sold out.
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