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Thread: Heirloom Razor Strop Co. Last call for Christmas and the Free Linen Upgrade

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    Default Heirloom Razor Strop Co. Last call for Christmas and the Free Linen Upgrade

    Just wanted to give a last minute heads up as to what I am offering right now and a shipping update.

    I am currently running the free Genuine Linen upgrade on all of my strop models. Normally this is a $16 upgrade and till Christmas it is offered at no extra charge....same price as my standard cotton.

    I am still cranking out my Practice Strop option too. For just $12 you can add a great practice (or travel) strop to your order. This is a 2" x 19" first quality steerhide strop to learn on. No need to risk you brand new premium strop when you have this unique option.

    I'm sad to say that the USPS international shipping date has passed as of today but for USA orders the last Priority Mail shipping date is Dec. 21st. As all of my strops are made to order this means you need to place your orders by close of business on Dec. 17th. I'll keep making strops till Christmas but it is unlikely they would arrive in time if planned as a gift.

    Thank you all for a wonderful Christmas Season and your continuied support.

    Tony Miller

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    Tony, your beautiful strops are true masterpieces. Thank you so much.
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    Default Tony Miller Strop

    I also have an Heirloom 2.5 inch latigo strop, and do not regret my choice or its cost one bit. First class hardware, leather, linen, and workmanship all the way. A joy to look at and touch as well as a joy to use. Why not go first class for the reasonable cost of this strop? I use the strop 2x per day, before and after each use of my straight razor. It is one of those things that bring joy and satisfaction with each use because everything about it is done right.

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    We have just under a week left to get Christmas orders shipped in time for the Holiday. As the date gets closer some options will no longer be available in order to simplify efficiency. At this point I cannot offer any more extra long 3" strops and won't have time to produce the Artisan style handles (the ones on the metal rectangle loop). All other options and models will remain in production through next week along with the free linen upgrade.

    I will still take Christmas orders through Dec. 17th and get them shipped by Dec. 21st, the last day the post office set for Priority Mail USA deliveries. I will continue to make strops though most of next week and then probably take a few days to a week off over the Holidays.

    If you absolutely "must" have an extral long 3" or an Artisan style handle do email me and if time allows I can try to get a few cut but am not set up to handle more than a few with the current rush of last minute orders.

    The Heirloom Razor Strop Company [url][/url]

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