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Thread: Alden or Allen Edmonds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandokan View Post
    I'd say spend another 100 or so and go for the Harris shoes - they go for 3 years and people will still comment on them "what a great shoe." Have had EA and they don't come close to Harris shoes.
    No offense but those aren't even in the same ballpark in terms of style. I would get laughed at if I wore almost any of those to the office.

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    AE make great shoes, but Alden are much better in my opinion. I definitely think their shell cordovan shoes are fantastic. The patina they get after a couple years make them even better

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    I have a question about Allen Edmonds and Alden's. I have tried on AEs and have found that the toe box is too small for me plus having to wear orthopedic inserts makes it difficult when the soles are not removable.

    I have not tried Alden's shoes yet but from what I have read on their website it seems as if Aldens are almost made to be worn with orthotics.

    My question is, ate their any B&B members that must wear orthotic inserts in their dress shoes? My left leg is 3.25 inches shorter than my right.

    I bought a pair of Rockport Captoe Dress shoes:,default,pd.html

    What do you all suggest? Is there anyone that lives in The Woodlands, Texas that can recommend whom I should talk to at Norton Ditto?


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