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Thread: Information about the B&B Vendor/Hobbyist Program: How to advertise on B&B.

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    Default Information about the B&B Vendor/Hobbyist Program: How to advertise on B&B.

    B&B is pleased to present our vendor/hobbyist program. This program has been designed with comments from vendors and members alike in mind, and in keeping with our goal of keeping B&B a site that is not commercially-oriented. We hope that you'll find the program to be easy to use, and beneficial to your desire to provide supplies and services to B&B members. B&B is by far the most active wetshaving forum on the internet, with the largest member base by a wide margin. We continue to attract new members as we have consciously broadened our discussion topics to include gentlemanly pursuits beyond wetshaving. Despite this impressive growth, we've managed to keep vendor rates quite low, particularly as compared to other internet-based fora and marketing products.

    Individuals providing goods or services for profit are free to choose from two distinct categories: Vendor and Hobbyist.

    Vendor subscription: $300 per year (Convenient $75 per quarter payment option available with full $300/year commitment)

    • Freedom to create a new thread or post in the "Vendor Items for Sale" forum (former "Vendor Corner") once per day.
    • Ability to hold contests/giveaways for B&B members in the vendor contest subforum (thus helping to drive traffic to the "Vendor Items for Sale" forum) -- one per month.
    • 300 character signature line may be used to promote your business [NOTE: 350 characters are allowed if using BB code]
    • Ability to use the "Proud supporter of B&B" logo on your website
    • Expanded Private Message limit (500)
    • Increased gallery space
    • Exclusive access to the vendor lounge -- a discussion forum open only to subscribed vendors and B&B moderators.
    • Ability to list non-stock items once weekly in the Hobbyist/Vendor Classifieds forum
    • Ability to create your own listing in the Vendor Hall of Fame.

    Hobbyist subscription: $100 per year (Convenient $35 per quarter payment option available with full year commitment)

    • Ability to list items/wares/services once weekly in the new Hobbyist/Vendor Classifieds forum
    • 100 character signature line may be used to promote your goods/services
    • Increased gallery space
    • (Expanded PM limits available through site contributions)

    We believe that this program serves the differing needs of both bona fide vendors and those whose commercial activities are at a smaller scale. As the program develops, we plan to offer a la carte options that will give subscribed vendors additional opportunities to provide special advertisements to our members. The first such available option is a subforum in the "Vendor Items for Sale" forum -- contact a moderator for further information.

    Interested in a vendor or hobbyist subscription? Anyone can become a hobbyist -- simply click at on the "contribute" link at the top of the page to register for access to the Hobbyist/Vendor Classifieds forum. Want to step up to a vendor subscription? Just contact a friendly moderator to get a copy of our (relatively simple) vendor approval questionnaire.
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