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Thread: Simpson Polo 12 - Super

  1. Default Simpson Polo 12 - Super

    Simpson Polo 12 Super - with barbed tips.
    Comes with Original box/papers.
    This brush is a few years old - and is of much higher quality than newly manufactured simpsons.

    $250 shipped... or best offer.

    Simpson Polo 12 on the left - Next to a Vulfix #2235 Silvertip for size comparison.

    - Joel
    joel (at)

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    A few have asked - so i'll further specify, this Simpson is not one of the problematic Simpsons I have, and is in perfect condition, and does not lose ANY hair.

    This one is going because, at least for me, it's just too big! Otherwise, a superlative brush if you like incredibly large, luxurious brushes. The polo 12 isn't for the meek.
    - Joel
    joel (at)

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    last bump
    - Joel
    joel (at)

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    $225 Shipped - Buyer didn't pan out...
    - Joel
    joel (at)

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