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Thread: First run through the sampler pack

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    Default First run through the sampler pack

    Well, as the title suggests, I've now used one blade of every type contained in the sampler I ordered at the same time as my EJ DE89l. Derby, Bluebird, a couple types of 7 O'Clocks, a couple different SuperMax blades, several Treets, a Feather, and one or two others. Some great, some good, some meh...

    Back to a fresh Derby today. It did a great job. It will be interesting to compare all the blades again now that my technique has surely improved during the first time through.


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    No clear winner or surprises to report yet?

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    Default might wanna try a Russian DE sample pack from

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    You like derby... Try some Gillette blue super, or blacks... Sharp and comfort but you can buy 500 derbys for the price of a 50 pack of those
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadinsor View Post
    No clear winner or surprises to report yet?
    I think I must have expected too much from the Feather. I felt it was average to above average, but my whiskers didn't jump off my face in fear or anything like I was led to believe. I really liked both SuperMax versions I tried. Didn't care too much for the Bluebird or Gillette Goal. Liked the different Astra's and 7 O'Clocks in the sampler. Disliked the Treets, but liked the Derby's.

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