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Thread: Low quality brush, better lather?

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    Default Low quality brush, better lather?

    For the last couple of months I've been using Edwin Jagger Super badger brush. Today just for change I tried my old cheap Omega brush with synthetic bristles and it was just great. I managed to make more lather in less time and it was also somehow easier so make.

    Kinda makes me wonder are the badger brushes really worth their reputation... I'm thinking of buying a high quality synthetic brush next, maybe Mühle.

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    vdh boar < low end badger < quality boar < anything omega makes< high end badger

    it doesnt make sense, that boar could be better then badger, but it's true.
    and i swear, you could put an Omega sticker on a piece of wood and it would manage to make piles and piles of lather.

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    Those brushes are different, not better/worse.
    The Super probably excels in different circumstances than the Omega does, both should have their place in your rotation.
    Just call me Chris.

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