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Thread: RazoRock Shave Gel a Phenomenal Product

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    Default RazoRock Shave Gel a Phenomenal Product

    RazoRock Shave Gel a Phenomenal Product

    There is a much controversy over shave oils / gels. Some find them to be an important part of their shaving ritual; others feel their main ingredient is snake oil.

    Iíve been using Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Gel now and then. I like what it does when applied with several days of growth. I especially like how it smells. What I donít like, and why donít use it every day is its ridiculously high price. The Taylor runs about $30 for 50ml / 1.75 oz, so it comes mighty dear for those who want to use it but it does smell good.

    Recently when placing an order with The Italian Barber I decided to give RazoRock Shaving Gel a try, because as conservative as I am with the Taylors eventually it is going to run out and it would be nice to have something to replace it with. My Italian Barber order arrived; I started using the soaps and creams right away and put the RazoRock Shaving Gel in a drawer for use after my vacation. Vacation came and went. Because I was busy this weekend I let shaving go for a couple of days.

    With several days worth of stubble I normally encounter some tugging. This would be especially likely today as I was too lazy to change blades, since I was really only seeking a ďgood enoughĒ Sunday shave. So what a perfect time to give the RazoRock Gel a trial run. Took my normal hot shower before shaving. My ďgo toĒ razors are usually the 1912 or a Slant, today itís my 1912 with three previous shaves already on the blade. After getting out of the shower, making lather in a bowl, I wet my face lightly and applied the shaving gel. It lathered up very slightly as I rubbed it into my beard. According to the manufactures instructions you can use this product on itís own to shave with without any soap or cream lather. Which may come in handy on a trip when you don't want to take a bunch of shaving gear with you. I used it in the more traditional way of a treatment prior to applying the lather. . . . . Wow, after the first several strokes of the 1912 I could tell I was in for a treat. The razor sliced through the stubble like a hot knife through butter with no tugging whatsoever. The first pass was as close and smooth as I think Iíve ever had, especially the usually troublesome neck contour. It was close enough that I probably could have stopped with a single pass and a little touch up under the nose. But I completed two passes for probably the closest most comfortable shave that I have ever experienced. My skin feels as smooth as silk.

    While the Taylors still smells the best, nothing else is compromised using the less expensive RazoRock product. At $7.99 for 120 ml verses $30 for the Taylor the RazoRock Shaving Gel is a winner and bargain. I encourage anyone looking for a shaving gel, or is skeptical of shaving gels to give it a try.


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    i bought a bottle a few weeks ago and LOVE it as well. i also bought Floids Pre-shave, but it's only gotten 1 use as the RazoRock is just that good...

    you are correct, it's a phenomenal product at a great price.
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    Tried it for the first time yesterday. Great stuff. Was looking for something like this since my supply of Floid's Sandolor will eventually run out.


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