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Thread: The Worst Blade?

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    I'm pretty new at this...But so far DERBY

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    There is a new winner...the Chinese Lanfei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godan View Post
    For me, it is a tie between Walmart 'Wilkinsons and Merkurs.
    Anything Wal-mart does not suprise me one bit and I KNEW going in that Murker was going to be the very first "worst" blade mentioned. Thank you to Godan for upholding quality on our B&B!
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    Dorco 301.
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    I hate Wilkinsons in general. The seem to go dull faster then my Gillette 7 am's. I also notice if I'm in a hurry and leave the blade in-razor, they discolor quicker. I have not tried Merkur blades, may try a pack when I run low...but I seem to collect blades too, so have to go out of my way. To me, it has a lot to do with geometry and angle, as in knives, 15 degrees is very different from 24. I hope the green 7am's are around for years to come.

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    For me, it is a tie between Kai and Lord. There is very little love for Merkur blades here, but I think most of that stems from the price you pay for the shave you get. My shave with them isn't bad, but others are better.
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    I bought these just for fun and they were also the worst.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    IMO, Derby Blades are the worst I've ever tried. Every shave that I try with a derby is the same. The Derby blade doesn't cut my hair, it rips it out of my face.

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    Dorco blades are the worst. Could not finish a shave with them. Bics not far behind.
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    Merkur and dorko have been my least trusted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan View Post
    I dont have that much experience yet. But worst must be the Supermax Blue package version. I thought i did a great deal buying a few hundred for 6 . Tried a few out and they where very dull imo. I gues i deserved it since i didnt do any good check up before.

    But i did a bit of more research and decided to try out the green yellow ones. Much sharper and better imo.
    You mean these?:

    Vidyut Super-Max Super Stainless

    I tried them as part of a sample pack, worst blade so far! They were so bad, I decided to write a review on them:

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    I had bad experiences with Derby, Merkur, and Feather when I first started, and I used to say how bad/over rated those all were, but I recently tried Feather again after 2 years, and it has become a new favorite. Haven't tried the Merkur or Derby again since.

    Merkur shot themselves in the foot by including blades with their razors. Of course everyone is gonna mess up when they first buy new safety razors

    The only blades I can say are absolutely horrible are the bootleg Feathers I bought from the guy at the flea market for $1 for packs of ten. I literally switched the blade 4 times in a single shave before I just said F it and threw the remaining 26 blades in the garbage. Worst $3 I have ever spent. Always remember the saying about something being too good to be true

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    The Dorcos are the worst, tossed the last one I used after the fist pass.
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    Merkurs are the worst for me, I used the blade that came with my razor and decided not to buy any more. Derbys felt better than the Merkur, which shows how bad they are because Derbys are awful. After settling very happily on Personna meds I did try revisiting a Derby recently and it still felt like it was ripping the stubble out rather than cutting it.

    I also have some Laser blades I bought from Wilkinsons for 40p. I've not dared to try one yet.

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    I know I'm going to hear it after this post....Treet Platinum Super Stainless. No matter the razor, or beard prep, or lather quality, I cannot get them to work. They tug and skip on me. During a vacation when I had a 3-day growth, the experience was painful. I went thru 5 sample packs with terrible results.

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    When I first tried the Lord Platinum, I stopped right in the middle of the shave and changed it out for another brand. I ran across a traditional shaving website for francophones that has microscope images of various blades, and the pictures of the Lord Platinum blade edges look pretty gnarly. Judging from the pics on the French website, the absolute worst blade of them all has got to be the Croma Diamant. I am not sure if it's a gag picture, but the text would lead me to believe it was a fresh blade. It literally looks chewed up.

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    Bic - I never got a good shave or even a mediocre shave from a Bic.

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    Merkurs are the worst blade I've tried.

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    Polisilvers for me. I got a ragged shave that left me raw for a good few days afterwards.
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    Anything with Lord on the wrapper for me.


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