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Thread: Maine Shave shaving cream

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    Default Maine Shave shaving cream

    Hello, Gents

    Any of you tried this Maine Shave product line? I posted it on shavemyface and didn't get much of a response. Any one tried this product line and what did you think?

    Good day,

    John Johnson
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    I know I haven't tried it (just saw it for the first time on ShaveBlog a few days ago), but if you do and nobody's posted here, please feel free to post a review in the Review section.


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    I have it and have tried it and I HATED it!!!

    I received my "jar" (the thing's tiny) as part of a trade with Brett Graver. He used it once, and I've used it once...

    Here are the main points Brett and I agree on (in no particular order):

    1) Tiny jar for the price (approx. 4" diameter by about 3/4" high glass)
    2) Smells EXACTLY like the "mink oil" that I use to condition my shoes
    3) Decent shave / Decent softening of skin
    4) No lather - you almost don't want to put your brush in this stuff...
    5) Both of our face/neck turned a light/faint pink afterward. Not painful in any way, but obviously some reaction caused by the cream (almost like that of a thermogenic substance). Seems to disappear after 15 minutes or so.

    So - it WILL get the job done. However, if I want a good, conditioning shave without any of the fun/aromatherapy of good wetshaving products, I'll stick with Ultra Shave.
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