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Thread: Brush identification/knot question

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    Default Brush identification/knot question

    Hi all.
    I recently bought a couple of brushes on Tradera (Swedish Ebay equivalent) and need help identifying one of them. It's the left one in the picture, with a clear handle. My estimate is that it is a 28 mm knot. Any ideas?

    Sorry about the image quality, crappy webcam/digital camera combo...

    Question number 2:
    The brush on the right is my dads old brush. As you can see (if you look closely) it's starting to lose paint, and the wood underneath is cracked and ugly. Would it be possible to remove the knot, and fit it to a new handle? I've got a piece of jacaranda that just begs to be crafted into a beautiful handle...


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    Oh dear, I seem to have uploaded the image into someones gallery. Please be patient with me while I teach myself how stuff works around here.


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    The left brush looks very much like a range of Plisson; they launched a serie brushes with a plexi handle just like that; only thing is that the Plisson decal isn't there.....

    The other brush can probly be reknotted into another handle by Bernd of Shavemac; just e-mail him and take a look on his website.


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    There are remains of a decal, but not much. Certainly not enough to see what it said.
    On the other brush, I was thinking of making a handle myself, wouldnt be too difficult, but I wanted to know if the knot could be removed without ruining it. Is this possible?


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