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Thread: New TGN knots?

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    Default New TGN knots?

    Looking to have an ER200 in red restored, and just noticed the Finest knots from TGN have an extra-stuffed fan knot. Anyone heard of these? The extra stuffed is new to me- I thought only the bulb knots had an extra stuffed version.

    See here!

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    Take a gander at my nearby thread. I just bought and installed a Fan Finest in my butterscotch. Had never done it before and it turned out well. I picked the Fan profile only because I didn't have one already. Love it and pillow soft.
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    I had some e-mail correspondance with Anthony from TGN and here is what he said about the finest knots: "All my knots are made with extra hair, some say it, some don’t." and then a follow-up e-mail stated, "All the finest knots have extra hair, I use to carry finest knots regular packing, but upgrade all of them about 6 months ago with extra hair."

    This was from an e-mail chain back in March, so it looks like they have been using extra stuffed knots for ~9 months. Maybe now he is just going through and updating his website?


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    Captain- great thread! And thanks for the info, CZ- makes the choices a lot easier.

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