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Thread: how long does it take for a regular airmail(non tracking) to come from us to israel?

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    Default how long does it take for a regular airmail(non tracking) to come from us to israel?

    its not directly related to the forum topic, but the package contains all the eauipment for my wet shaving.
    i ordered it from italiana barber.. and they sent it 9 days ago.
    the post office told them, it should arrive here in 4 days(which obviously past), but ive been told that it takes more.

    its a non tracking regular airmail(and as it cant be tracked, i just have to wait).

    does any of you, know how long it take for a regular-non tracking air mail to arrive from us to israel?
    is it weeks?

    the package cost 53+- dollars, will there be a problem in the costum?

    i will appreciate any help, as i cant wait for it to arrive, and cant wait to start wet shaving!!

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    Quoted from the USPS website...

    Shipping from the US to Israel is as follows:

    Global Express Guaranteed...1-3 days
    Express Mail International...3-5 days
    Priority Mail International...6-10 days
    First-Class Mail Int'l...Varies

    Usually if it is sent First-Class it takes 4-6 weeks to other countries. Also, it depends on how long your customs hold things. HTH.

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    i dont understand something.

    the priority mail, costs only 3 dollars more then the first class(29 dollars to 32), but arrive in 6-10 days, while the frst class take 4 weeks?
    what the hell?

    and why does first class is named "first class", while its definatly not six class?

    can any of you please help me find a way to contact usps, maybe an email.

    i really really cant wait for it to come to israel, and i dont have anyone to ask where it is, as its not being tracked.

    i will appreciate any help you give me.

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    Ordering from Sweden to the US, airmail takes about 6 days. So I'd think a week to ten days would not be unusual.

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    regular air mail? ("first class" airmail it is), no global priority.
    it cost me almost 30 dollars! for a 3+ pound package.
    it cant be 30 dollars for 4 weeks shipment!

    guys, please help me clarify, as it has to be solved so i can wet shave myself, and drop the icky and not very comfortable things im doing now.

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    First Class (or regular airmail) takes 5-10 days to most countries, Isreal included. Sometimes customs can hold it up, but that's dependant on the type and worth of the contents, and the receiving country. I'd say give it two weeks, give or take a few days.

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    I've had a package take eleven days from Quebec to California. Canadian Post was involved.


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    In general regular airmail or registered airmail takes about ten days from europe to the U.S but when your dealing with foreign customs all bets are off. Since there is no tracking there is no way to tell where it is, USPS can't help you there. You just have to be patient. I would give it three weeks before becoming concerned. I would never send anything foreign without some form of tracking or registered.

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    If ead were around he'd be able to tell you as I know he's ordered several packages from the US and he's in Israel.

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    Default so

    so it is 6-10 days, and not 4-6 weeks?
    if the package was tsent in 11.7, 10 days ago.
    when should it be here, or when i should start to worry whats happening?

    ead, are you here maybe? i will appreciate any comments for more people who knows this issue.

    meanhile, i had another shave with mach 3 and crappy canned goo.
    i think the problem with the feeling im having in my face after and day after shaving(wired icky steaky is due to the gel, as when i puted it im my hands, i felt steacky and oily.


    cant wait for it to come here, as i cant stand this.

    btw-im sure alot of people feel it, but dont do anything about it, not because they dont want but because they dont know about it.
    im so sure, that even the crappiest wet shaving(lets say alot of cuts, but still with the special soaps/pre-post etc), will be much better then this crappy shit.

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    Wink AIR Mail is good or not

    Hello dear my friend send me a laptop via airmail and they cant give me its tracking number and he saying AUstralia post cant give me tracking number and i m live in Pakistan he paid 42.10$ for shipping is this true air mail cant give any tracking number
    ok or if they cant give tracking number then if my laptop will bypass from mail services then how i can find it plz tell me and this is gift will i pay custom for it

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