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Thread: First DE shave completed.

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    Default First DE shave completed.

    Had my first DE shave yesterday morning. Had 2 day growth at the time.

    I was very happy with the result. I was conservative, 2 passes, both WTG. No razor burn or irritation, and only one small weeper on my chin.

    It was by no means BBS, but it was a reasonable shave and definitely a better end result than I have ever had from my cartridge razors in the past.

    As previously mentioned, I was using the Derby blades that came with the razor I bought. I know they don't work well for everybody, but for right now I have no intention of changing anything at all. I was happy with the feel of the shaving and the resulting shave.

    I found the chin/neck a bit tricky but with only 1 weeper I am pretty happy with how I did. Hopefully it gets better as my technique improves. Then once a month or two goes by I can start considering trying some other blades.

    Thanks for all the advice!

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    Congrats.. Keep up the good work..

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    Thanks. And I should also mention that I did have an impartial judge confirm it was a closer shave than I had with my cartridge razor. My other-half that thought DE shaving thing was a bit silly, and going to prove to be a waste of my time. She couldn't believe the difference.

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    You're over Beeches Brook

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    Excellent news! In time, you'll be able to add XTG, and then hopefully ATG.

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    Congratulations and welcome to Badger & Blade!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mretzloff View Post
    Congratulations and welcome to Badger & Blade!
    +1, what he said!
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    Bravo! Have fun!
    Eric V

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