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Thread: FT 1918 Gillette Open Comb & STAR Single Edge

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    Default TRADED 1918 Gillette Open Comb & STAR Single Edge

    TRADED 1918 Gillette Old Style Standard Razor 3 Piece Open Comb Design in Gold PLUS a near MINT STAR Single Edge Art Deco Era Razor. This is a PACKAGE deal and the razors are offered together to provide for the stated value for trading purposes.

    The Old Style is stamped Serial Number H967913 which according to Krumholz's book is a 1918 production number. No handle/barrel tooth of the comb has a very slight bent..a handsome Old Style Razor. You also get a neat MINT Shiny Art Deco STAR single edge razor that I am too afraid to shave with.

    TRADED both razors and includes Priority Shipping to your confirmed address CONUSA only. Tube or Tub of 3 T's English shaving creams or comparables (partials ok as long as is consistant with the value stated) After Shaves / Balms considered but not samples or do it yourself decants. PM me.
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    Default Changed to add For SALE OR Trade

    Now this duo of razors is available For SALE Or For TRADE. I'm not looking for Ft Knox on this deal Gents...a partial 3 T's Soap Refill might even do it...or a partial / near full tube of cream. Lay something out there...I have no use for these razors...but they are in very nice condition and would diversify your collection...Thats right I said diversify.... PM me with even ridiculous offers.
    Lowered Price expectations to around $25.00 SHIPPED.

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    Default Traded

    Trade Completed...........Thanks B&B Members!

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