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Thread: repair of pitting on older straight razors

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    Default repair of pitting on older straight razors

    im an old fan of saftey razors,my fav is a gillett superspeed from the 40's [$.99 on ebay].anyhow my query is how similar is blade pitting on straights to good knifes?it seems to me they should fix the same way and ive found a f koeller solingen ohligs germany for $15,is it worth while?o the pitting seeme minor.what do u think

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    You may get some great answers in our Straight Razor Forum. Have you asked there?
    Eric V

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    It really depends on the pitting, and various other factors (hone wear etc) if it is worth saving. Doyouhave any pics?

    If the pitting is minor though, go for it!

    [edit: moved the thread to the resto forum for more gents to chime in with some help]
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    There is a straight razor forum here, too.

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