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    Default Shortened auctions

    This auction lasted all of thirty minutes. Very frustrating that EBay will allow you to change an auction after posting. Also very frustrating that there are those that are willing to rip off those that are unaware of what they have.

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    While not pristine he would have gotten an easy $100 at auction. Let's hope it's just an error on his part and he relists it.
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    Ouch. This is why, if I were ever to list something on ebay that I do not directly know the value of, I would first research it on ebay to get a ballpark number OR let the auction run its course and never change to BIN...

    These things only happen when the sellers are inexperienced, unfortunately.

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    If I am not mistaken, I believe someone offered 150 for the razor and that is what it sold for. That auction was ended early and then I saw a listing for it being sold for 150.

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    He has a President lot.
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