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Thread: Calibrating a Hygrometer

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    Default Calibrating a Hygrometer

    Ok, We have all dealt with this incredibly important yet incredibly annoying task.

    I have just finished re-seasoning my humidor(HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE AGAIN...I will raise a proper cigar and rum to you all next week) and I figure might as well recalibrate my hygrometers.

    I did some reading to find the best way and I have come to the conclusion there are about 10,000,000 ways of doing it.

    I figure experience goes further than any other type of advice...

    So ladies and gentlemen I put it too you: How do you personally calibrate you Hygrometers.

    Thanks in advance....again

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    I always had success with this method

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    My Thread "How to Calibrate your Hygrometer" and Posted Replies (which is located in this sub-forum's "Gentleman's Essentials for Pipe and Cigar" Sticky), may be of some interest to you.

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