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Thread: FS: Fragrances: Knize, DC, MPG, Creed, Le Labo, TF and others

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    Default FS: Fragrances: Knize, DC, MPG, Creed, Le Labo, TF and others

    EDIT: Everything is SOLD. Thanks!

    I am attempting to thin out the fragrance den which manifested in my home over the last year, and I hope that my loss is your gain. The bottles were purchased from online shops such as Lucky Scent, and the decants were purchased from an at-cost "scent split" group I have been fortunate to participate in. The prices I am asking reflect what I paid (e.g., at cost fragrance, bottle, atomizer, shipping). If you compare similarly sized decants from The Perfumed Court or similar vendors I hope you will find the prices quite reasonable. Payment via Paypal. CONUS only due to alcohol content. All prices include shipping.

    Individually all of the fragrances total an asking price of $434, but if someone wants the entire lot they can have it for $300. Multiple items less than the full lot will also be discounted. See below of further details on the pricing of the single items.

    I also have 8 new samples I purchased or received as a freebie from Lucky Scent. Until they are gone buyers can select 2 per bottle purchase or 1 per decant purchase. They include: Creed Aventus, Xerjoff Richwood, CdG Palisander, Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque, Odori Tobacco, Nicolai New York, Knize Ten and Aesop Mystra.

    Thanks for looking!

    SOLD - Knize Ten 50ml bottle - Purchased from Lucky Scent and have only used it twice. Asking $65 shipped.
    Notes: Lemon, bergamot, orange, petitgrain, rosemary, geranium, rose, cedar, orris, carnation, cinnamon, orange blossom, sandalwood, leather, musk, moss, patchouli, ambergris, castoreum and vanilla.

    SOLD - Domenico Caraceni 1913 100ml bottle - Also purchased from Lucky Scent. Asking $90 shipped.
    Notes: Petit grain, styrax, geranium bourbon, neroli bigarade, rose, tobacco, cypress, frankincense.

    SOLD - Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Centaure 100ml bottle – Keeping my L'Occitan, but letting this lavender fragrance go. Asking $60 shipped.
    Notes: brazilian orange, mint, petit grain and lemon; black currant, lavender, balsam fir, jasmine and neroli; musk, oakmoss, vetiver and tobacco.

    SOLD - Creed Green Irish Tweed 120ml bottle – Purchased from another member prior to the holidays at a great price. Slightly less than half full. Asking $50 shipped.
    Notes: French verbena, Florentine iris, Violet leaves, Sandalwood from Mysore, ambergris

    SOLD -
    Geo F. Trumper’s Sandalwood
    50ml bottle – Approximately 30mls remaining. Asking $25 shipped.

    SOLD - Nancy Boy Butch 30ml bottle From the website: "The spicy woodsy man's man scent with a cult following. No one's been able to copy it, even the big fragrance houses, because they keep trying to do it on the cheap with artificial "fragrance" while we use 27 rare and exotic herb, wood and flower essences. So we've got a lock on this one, relatively unheard of in a business where imitation is a synonym for innovation. Deep notes of sandalwood and tobacco topped off with fresh citrus. Voodoo sex incantations woven throughout. One-ounce spray.

    USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Spray some on your neck, find a dictionary, look up "sex magnet" and discover a picture of your very own self."
    Asking $40 shipped.

    ALL DECANTS SOLD - DECANTS: - Total asking price is $99. Take them all for $80!
    Le Labo Patchouli 24 – Approximately 12mls - Asking $22 shipped.
    Notes: Patchouli, birch tar, styrax, and vanilla.

    Comme des Garcons Wonderwood – 10 mls. Asking $15 shipped.
    Notes: Madagascan pepper, bergamot, Somalian incense, nutmeg, Cristalon, Cashmeran, guaiac wood, cedarwood, caraway seeds, Javanol, sandalwood, vetiver, oud.

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    – 7mls. Asking $17 shipped.
    Notes: A smooth oriental, Tobacco Vanille opens immediately with opulent essences of tobacco leaf and aromatic spice notes. The heart unfolds with creamy tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla and cocoa, and finishes with a dry fruit accord, enriched with sweet wood sap.

    Yosh Sombre Negra - 7mls. Asking $18 shipped.
    Notes: Patchouli, Teak, Vetiver, Tobacco, Choya loban, Opoponox, Davana, Cypress, Mushroom, Pink pepper, Black pepper, Oak moss.

    Amouage Memoir – 5mls. Asking $14 shipped.
    Notes: Basil, mint, frankincense, lavender, rose, oakmoss, leather, tobacco, absinth, wormwood, sandalwood, guaiac wood, vanilla, amber.

    Tauer Incense Extreme – 5mls. Asking $13 shipped.
    Notes: Incense, touch of spices, powdery orris, cedarwood, ambergris, frankincense.
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    Payment sent on the GIT

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    Payment sent on Knize

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    Payment sent on Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Centaure and Decants.

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    payment sent on dc1913

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    Shoot..missed out on the Creed..I have been meaning to snag a sandalwood base Creed for a while now so that I can try it out..

    Excellent price..should be one happy buyer!!
    The obviousness of the truth is not apparent..the 60's were the heydays of civilization!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paachi View Post
    Shoot..missed out on the Creed..I have been meaning to snag a sandalwood base Creed for a while now so that I can try it out..

    Excellent price..should be one happy buyer!!
    Two other sandalwood base scents remain - - with a 10+% price drop. Nancy Boy sex-magnet magic is now $35 and GFT sandalwood is $20. My wife said she knows where I live so I no longer need the added magnetism....
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    All fragrances are gone. Thank you B&B!

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