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Thread: Shaving with a Str8 Wedge

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    Default Shaving with a Str8 Wedge

    Is there a difference in technique (angle, etc) for shaving with a Wedge blade vs hollow or extra hollow?
    I am about two months into Straight Razor use and have one Wedge blade that I just can't seem to get a decent shave from. Razor is as sharp as others, so I assume it is technique???
    Chuck R.

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    No, not really. Usually there is some mod because the blade is bigger and heftier and more difficult to maneuver but it's all small potatoes. If you are not getting a good shave either it's not as sharp as you think or you are doing something radically different as you shave.

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    I found with mine that it was not so much that it needed a different angle as that it felt like a different angle because there was so much steel
    I really had to pay attention at first to make sure that I was maintaining the angle with it.
    Learning the naked blade

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