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    Default Trader Joe's Midsummer Night's Cream

    A guy would easily overlook this skin lotion as its packaging and name are sort of feminine. However...this is terrific stuff for a man to use!

    I bought this because it smelled okay and was inexpensive enough to slather on my alligator-skin legs ($2.79 for 16 oz). It is very effective for this. But I was extremely pleased by what a great all-round cream it is.

    After taking up traditional shaving, I found this to be an ideal post-shave moisturizer. Rich, but not goopy or slippery. Penetrates and feels very natural on the skin, moisturizes like nothing else, and, to my senses, smells really nice. I also find it soothes and restores the smoothness of irritated skin.

    Its scent is unique. Not at all floral, certainly not spicy or manly like many after shaves, no menthol. But not feminine, either. It smells herbal and organic---maybe best described as the smell of a freshly opened box of tea. I love it and find it very refreshing. I find myself opening the bottle and just whiffing it. Maybe it is pleasing like the smell of carnations ---subtle, clean, fresh, herbal. If you like the earthy smell of carnations or witch hazel, you might like this very much (though it is different than both of those).

    It comes in a nice pump bottle that works fine---usually. I've had one with a bad pump mechanism.

    Do NOT be put off by the name or package---if you are fortunate enough to have access to Trader Joe's you really must try this cream. If you don't happen to like it after a shave, then you can use it anywhere else (hands, too) as a great moisturizer.

    BTW, it comes in two variants: one is "lotion", the other "cream". The lotion is a bit more oily; the cream is more glycerine-like (but not sticky). I reviewed the cream.
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