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Thread: Customizing your cream

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    Default Customizing your cream

    Any of you guys use an unscented cream and mix in your favorite aftershave or calogne or other things like oils or extracts? I started experementing with it nothing major just messing arround. If you do what are your favorite combinations?

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    I never thought about doing this, i have several calognes that i wish try this with. Thanks for the idea :)

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    I haven't mixed in AS or colognes primarily because they contains a lot of alcohol and that will dehydrate your skin which would defeat the purpose of the creme/soap (i.e., soften, hydrate and moisturize).

    What I do is mix soaps with creme with various different scents.

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    KMF unscented with bay rum is awesome. I am anxious to try it with others. Like Brut, AV, Clubman Pinaud etc.

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    Ive been doing that with AOS unscented with any of my colognes or samples. I first apply AOS by itself then let my skin absorb it then redo with cologne.

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