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Thread: Where Cheapest place to buy Razor Blades Online?

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    Default Where Cheapest place to buy Razor Blades Online?

    Hey guys,

    I'm just curious where you guys buy razor blades online?
    I'm looking for the cheapest place... Any suggestions?

    I'm pretty noob still so I don't have a preferred brand of blades yet.

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    nm. i found a vendor corner here.
    i'll probably just look there..

    mods you can close this!

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    I'd highly recommended you start off with a variety pack so you can find a blade that works best with you. amazon has many different variety packs - dont know if they're the cheapest but certainly a good place to look
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    Bull Goose worked for me.

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    A good rule of thumb for anything shave-related is to check here at B&B first. At least, that has been my experience...

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