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Thread: Pré de Provence Shaving Soap

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    Default Pré de Provence Shaving Soap

    I'm surprised nobody has reviewed this excellent product before...

    I was really surprised when I used this soap. I mean, come on, it is soap. It's supposed to be drying, right?

    Not this soap. The Shea Butter really keeps your skin moist throughout the shave. I was impressed.

    Once I got the proportions right, (which didn't take much doing), it lathered up nicely, easily and quickly for me.

    I thought I got a very nice close smooth shave from an excellent product. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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    Great performing soap. Easy to lather, slippery, and sufficient cushion. It's a typical high-end French soap, and at a fantastic price for a soap in a container. My one gripe is the scent. It has none...or one that's very faint. It just doesn't do anything for me. For some reason, I can't rate scent on this review, so the numbers come out higher than they should.

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    Excellent thick lather, very easy to whip up on the face (my preferred method). Took a few good helpings of water before the lather exploded into rich lubricious goodness.

    I initially found the sage-based scent strong and frankly off-putting when taking a large sniff up close. My S.O. re-aligned my thinking by suggesting it smelled more like a fresh laundry detergent- with which now I agree.

    The scent, however, dissipates to nothing upon lather. You can either take this as a good or bad thing. Overall an excellent French triple-milled with a cute little aluminum carry tin.
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    On most mornings, I consider myself a cream user. However, when it is exceptionally dry outside (so much that you can feel it in the house), this is my go-to stuff.

    Pre de Provence is truly a quality product that will leave you with a fantastic shave. It comes in a nice little tin, so it is perfect for traveling. Plus, the scent is absolutely fantastic!

    Making lather with this stuff is terribly easy. Just a few little swirls will produce some of the slickest lather you've ever put on your face and it will leave your face feeling nice and soft.

    I cannot recommend it enough!

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    This soap is wonderful! I'm normally a cream user but after my first time with this soap today I'll definitely be using it quite often. For the price, you get a good sized soap puck of very high quality. The shave is very close, the soap lathers up very quickly, and the scent is mellow and relaxing. If there was a rating for scent, I'd mark it a 6. I say 6 not as a bad thing, because I like the scent, but I am a big fan of the lathering "experience" so I like a very strong scent. The soap is very moisturizing even for my extremely dry skin, and I got my closest shave yet with no irritation. Highly recommend this soap

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    I must say I was a bit hesitant to try a French shaving soap, as all I had tried were the British and American soaps. I had seen this at Merz's but they also have the full line of Trumpers shaving soaps! After having read the great reviews here though, I decided to give it a go - and I'm glad I did! What a great product! Loads of thick, rich lather and very moisturizing! This product contains Shea butter, a natural moisturizer that really seems to work well. This is definitely going near the top of my rotation!

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    Default very good soap

    I agree that this is a great soap. Quite moisturizing but not as much as its other French sibling Institut Karite. The scent is "outdoorsy" to my nose - sage based, not to overpowering, fresh and lively. It comes in a handy aluminum tin and, IMO, is a good bang for your buck. Provides me with good shaves with ample lather and protection. . .
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    Hmm, perhaps I wasn't able to be completely objective in my assessment of this soap because I bought it as part of the group buy along with Provence Sante. The Sante happens to be not only the finest shaving soap, but maybe the finest shaving product I have ever used, so maybe the PdP suffers a bit in comparison.

    Nevertheless, I found this soap to be pleasant enough, but pretty unexceptional. I agree with an earlier poster who compared the scent to laundry detergent...that's a pretty fair description, only for me that is not a compliment. The lather was a little tricky to perfect, but once I got the ratio right it was decent enough. Shave was nice, but again compared to the Sante it was the difference between a Camry and a Lexus.

    In the end, a wholly inoffensive little soap that I could find no real fault with, but which never really turned me on. I ended up trading it for a few SCS soaps, and I haven't looked back.

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    Default This is the best soap I have shaved with

    I prefer it to Tabac and consider it significantly better than Provence Sante.

    I really like that slipperiness of the lather. And the scent is nice and fades quickly making this soap a perfect match to any aftershave or colonge.

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    Default If I only had one

    I got this from my 25% off at Beauty Habit and wasnt expecting much. Just another soap to look at. Well after my first shave I was hooked. The first sniff of this stuff doesnt do much for you as it is something that you have never experience. However it turns into one of those that you continue to appreciate the heavenly scent.

    I do add hot water on top to soften it up b/c it is very hard. It lathers very easily and very thick. It has just enough cushion and plenty of glide to make your shave incredible. I was also very surpised that I wasnt looking for the a/s right afterwards. It moisturizes that well! The shea butter really makes a difference. Longevity....I used this straight through for 3 weeks w/o even barely tapping into it. I would easily say it would last 10 months. It 5 1/4 oz which is enormous when it comes to soap rounds. I paid $12 with disc and that is the going rate and damn well worth it!

    I will comment on the tin which is kind of cheap and flimsy but does the job. In fact alot of time I just snap the top back on---its screw top. One thing I dont like it the fact the labels do start to come off when wet I know it only a label but it is still cool to have

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    I wasn't horribly impressed by the scent of this one when I first tried it. It smelled like soap, just soap. It didn't lather up too well and seemed a little dry at first. After fiddling with the water ratio, finally got it up enough to put on my face. And that's when it hit. My straight just glided over the skin like there was nothing there. I had to reload my brush for the third pass, but still silky smooth on the razor. Afterwards, I'm not sure I've had anything that left my face as moist. Great soap! I'll try superlathering it next time with something that has a more pleasant fragrance, though :)
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    Thumbs up

    This is easily one of my top 5 shaving soaps. Also, I'm not sure why so many others seem not to enjoy the scent, I love it.

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    It's been too long since I reviewed a product, so here goes.

    My wife bought me a tin of Pre de Provence two weeks ago for $12 at a local store. I think that is a great price for a 150 gram puck. This is a nice thick flat puck, so it sits nicely in my lather mug. I don't like the rounded bottom soaps, so this was a big plus for me.

    The scent is fairly weak, but at least it is pleasant.

    Lathering is a breeze with this stuff. If you can't make mounds of rich lather with this stuff, there is either something wrong with you or your water. Getting the right combo of water/soap is a little tricky though, as being just a little off optimum seems to dry on my face. I usually reapply as I go anyway, so this isn't that big of a deal, but I really nailed it the past two days.

    The shaves have been nothing but fantastic and it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, without drying.
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    Default The one soap above all others

    If I had to give up my creams or superlathers( which I prefer ) and only stick with soaps, I would probably use Pre de Provence 6 out of 7 days every week.

    This stuff builds an amazing cushiony, slick, and extremely moisturizing lather. Its even better when you combine it with a good cream like AOS Lemon, T&H Lime, or TOBS Avocado ( believe it or not, the combo smell is great Sage, Citrus, and Avocado )

    I can usually get the puck in tin for less than $10, so the price is better than mostly anything out there.

    This stuff is probably the best performing shave product I've found. I love it.

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    Default Perfect soap

    This stuff is absolutely great. A nice robust lather, great moisturizing, and plenty of "slickness" to go around.
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    Default I like it!

    I have been on a soap kick for the past few months and I traded some idle Derby blades for this soap - and while I wish I had kept the blades (hindsight) the soap is great.

    I love the scent, and it lathers well. I get close, comfy shave and my face always feels great after I shave with the PDP.

    two thumbs up.
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    PdP really works well for me. For some reason my face reacts really well to it. The Shea butter helps. I get 0 irritation and redness and I usually go to it for a soothing shave when my face is feeling a little dry and irritated.

    I love the scent, it's just fresh and clean and not overpowering. I wouldn't mind if it were a little stronger. It's also moisturizing, although not quite as much as Institut Karite. My only knock is that the lather isn't as rich and thick (takes some work to get enough soap on the brush) as some of my other preferred soaps, but I can't argue with the results, which are excellent; smooth and close.

    It's also a good value.You get 150 grams which is 50% more than most soaps for a reasonable price. It's also very hard and long lasting. I've probably used it 20 times and I can still see the writing on top of the cake. Overall, I highly recommend.
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    This was my first "proper" shaving product. Before I discovered the world of internet shaving shopping (complimentary alliteration), I found this at the local Central Market for around $12, which sounded good.

    It was easy to get a good lather right off the bat. Now that I know what I'm doing, I can say that its latherability is excellent.

    The scent...oh my goodness. I've been using this for about a year and a half, and I still pick it up and smell it every time I'm in the bathroom. I like that it doesn't get in the way of any cologne I wear. It just smells...clean.

    Yes, the scent is a bit faint. I will say that I have the cream and the aftershave balm, and trust me -- you want the scent to be as faint as it is in the soap. The other products' scent have different, less desirable characteristics.

    The packaging is fine; I grated the soap and "molded" it into my Grandad's Old Spice shaving mug. The soap seems to last forever.

    I'm mostly a cream user, but I have used this product at least three times a week for a year and a half. Love it.
    - Adam Ray

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    I really like this soap. The shea butter content is very noticeable and creates a nice slick lather that is very moisturizing. Make no mistake, it still doesn't provide as much cushion as a high quality shaving cream, but soaps are supposed to be "closer shaving" by nature. The scent is nice, but nothing to knock you out. It's a very subtle sage scent. I have fairly sensitive skin and so far (2 uses) I've not had any adverse reaction. It does contain rosemary EO, fyi.

    One thing I would recommend when dealing with this soap is to really work the brush into the puck the first time you use it. The top layer is very hard, and pouring some very hot water over it to soak while you shower enhances the shave immensely. I like the packaging a lot with the cute little tin with screw on lid. I wish more soaps came in snug containers like this.

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    Default I have NEVER given a soap all 10s before!

    I am quickly becoming a fan of French soaps! First Institut Karite now this. If anything this outperforms IK, and at a lower price! Great lather, nice light scent, superb cushion and glide, non-drying. I can see this being my got-to soap The little tin it comes in is also very nifty. Buy it! You won't regret it.
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