Hi there everyone.

I'm interested in buying some Nancyboy product.

The problem is I'm in Canada. This is a problem because shipping is either $15, or free with a $50 order. I'm not looking to spend $50 right now, and buying just the cream would cost me around $50 CAD, and that's just too much.

So I'm suggesting a group buy. If I can get enough people who are interested in enough product, then we'll be able to get free shipping, and split the tax / customs fees.

If we buy 4 or more, they should cost $25 CAD or less each, including shipping.

When a product crosses the border, from USA to Canada, Canadian customs converts the declared value to CAD, charges 15% for tax, plus a "Handling fee".

So if anyone is interested PM me and we'll set something up. I live in Toronto near 401 & Dufferin.

I've also posted this in the other forum, so if you see it twice, that's why.