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    I was at Neiman Marcus over the weekend and stopped by the Creed counter for a few quick whiffs. The gentleman working the counter asked me if I was familiar with the new Creed offering and I said "Yeah the Aventus, it's great stuff." He abruptly interrupted and said "No sir. I am talking about the Spice and Wood."

    I had no idea what he was talking about until he pulled a tester out from behind the counter and sprayed it on a card. It was nothing short of amazing IMO.

    According to the sales rep, this is a new fragrance from Creed's Royal Exclusive's Collection that is going to be released to very few stores across the US and with a hefty $550 price tag. Each store is to receive 10-20 bottles (depending on volume) and there will only be a handful of stores carrying it. It will be sold in a pochet glass decanter etched with the CREED family crest and topped with a cut-glass cap. Pretty sexy bottle if you ask me.

    The sales rep told me that one of the Creed sons (is there more than one?) would be at the product launch on November 13th at the Dallas, TX Neiman Marcus and they are now taking pre-orders for their limited supply.

    Now onto the notes. From the manufacturer: This master's blend of aged woods, spices, and exotic essences marks the brand's 250th year of royal service and is meant to evoke depth, power, and refined strength. Top notes of bergamot, sun-drenched lemon, and apples give way to middle notes of angelic root, oil of clove, desert peppers, patchouli, and white birch and all rest atop bottom notes of Egyptian iris, cedar, oak moss, and musk.

    My nose is not refined enough to pick up all of these notes, but in my opinion, it smells exactly as it is named: Woody and slightly spicy, yet clean and very refined. Definitely one to check out, but I don't think I will be opening up my pocketbook quite that wide this November.

    - Tim

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    I'm sure some people on this forum will do a split.

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    It sounds wonderful but $550,wow,that's high.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vertigo12314 View Post
    I'm sure some people on this forum will do a split.
    100% will be getting in on that action

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easttexasman View Post
    It sounds wonderful but $550,wow,that's high.

    it's actually reasonable - you get 8 ounces. cut it in half, and it's $250 for 4 ounces, or the equivalent of paying full price for a regular-sized bottle of Creed.

    the only Creed price that seems high to me is their 1 oz bottles for $140. dropping that much for that little juice seems a bit


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