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Thread: Derby Extra - DE Razor Blades

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    Default Derby Extra - DE Razor Blades

    While evaluating these blades, I used them exclusively for 2 weeks and only in a Merkur HD. The first week was with Taylor's Avocado, and the second week was split between Taylor's Rose and Proraso. For the sake of argument, one may claim that these blades perform differently when used in a different razor or with a soap instead of a cream.

    Price - If purchased through on-line auction, these blades can be anywhere from 15 to 25 cents a blade, but you must buy 100 blades. If purchased from Derby's website (not sure on minimum order size, but I believe it is the neighborhood of 1000 blades) then you could get a greater discount. If you choose to purchase these from a vendor (I have only seen one who sells them) then you could pay as much as $4 for a 5-pack. My recommendation would be to purchase through auction and if you don't like them, sell them.

    Sharpness - While this is a very subjective area that many gents would be willing to argue about, I personally find these blades to be as sharp or sharper than any blade on the market except for maybe the feather blades. While I believe the feather blades to be sharper, I find that the Derby's lack any of the harshness/volatility that I experienced with the Feather's.

    Longevity- I get 7 wonderful shaves from these blades. I really think that I could squeeze out a few more shaves, but at 15 cents a pop, its not really worth the risk.

    Smoothness of Shave - These blades shave me as smoothly as any that I have used and without irritation.

    Packaging - Derby's come in the same standard plastic packaging that Merkur's and Feather's come in with the one difference being that they are packaged in 5's instead of 10's. While there is nothing wrong or inconvenient with this method, I rank packaging at an 8 because (for all 3 companies) I feel this is an area currently being overlooked in the shaving industry.

    Quality - The overall quality of these blades is fantastic. They provide the kind of shave that we, as men, should demand from our blades. The only thing that prevents me from making a bulk purchase of 1000+ blades is the fact that in the next six months there will probably be 2 or 3 more brands of blades surface in this forum, and I would like to be able to purchase them without arguing with my wife.

    ***There has been a lot of talk about the lack of a used blade slot with the Derby's. It does have one, as seen in the picture below.
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    Hi Kyle,

    thanks for the review its rightly so that I have ordered the Derby Extra blades thru Ebay aswell, $16+8,95 shipping. just to test them 100 indeed. I could ask the seller to do a multiple of 100 for the same shipping price im sure they weigh nothing. Well I was/am about to do a big Feather deal but if these blades perform just as good because even $24 for 100 Feathers is a deal its not a Steal yet. anyways I want Feathers aswell I might go for 100 Feathers ill have to decide soon, anyways 1000 doesnt seem so bad im sure we can split the costs between the members here ! my curiosity is though are the blades not going to detoriate from shelve life ? they are coated I know but still ?


    Incredible these blades. I would have given them overall a 10 if I wasnt such a newbie. I changed from Israeli to Derby Extra. what a Smooth shave and only my 5th shave since switching from MAch3 to DE. The blade just cut trhu the 2 days beard and rivals already Mach3 and I still dont know what im doing ! still waiting for the DVD. I used the Gillette 1-9 DE setting 5.5 for the whole shave.
    I actually dare to shave more agressivly now due to the blades being sharper how weird is that the Israeli blades kinda gave me a creep feeling.

    Anyways why I didnt give the blade a 10 all over is because I think the Feather will be sharper . packaging was really an environmental waiste. a big carton holding 20 plastic packages which contain 5 blades each. this will cost more shipping if ordered 300. the Israelie blade contrair came all packed single in paper in a little carton just fitting 100. taking no place whatsoever easy you can order 600 for same shipping price.

    Really happy with these Derby''s oh what to do with the 98 leftover Israeli's :(

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    I pretty much agree with everyone else. The price on these can't be beat..$20 for 100 delivered. They are about as good as any other blade that I have tried. I was going to give a lower setting for the packaging, but it is easier to give some to people to try with the 5 packs...i take a couple out and throw in some other blades and still have plastic containers I can use.

    If you'd like to try them, go ahead and buy them. If you don't like them someone'll pick them up from you.

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    Great blades, my go to normal daily shavers for both my head and face. Not as sharp as Feathers, but worlds better than #3 (Israeli's). I alwasy get a good consistent shave out of these, but I think the beginer would be better served with US Personnas, Merkurs, or Israelis.

    My only knock on them is that there is no blade vault on the back side of the package.

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    A very nice and sharp blade. I also take issue with blade disposal compartment.

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    Default I love them...

    I bought some from Howard on Ebay. They are an excellent deal...(I had won an auction for a Parker 84 & he shipped them to me in the auction shipping cost for just the razor)!

    They work well in all of my Gillettes & the Parker 84 too (only a satisfied customer).

    Love the smoothness of the shave and they are very consistant too. Packaging is typical old-world English & could be better, but for the price...they're hard to beat!
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    I just bought 150 of 'em (smart, huh?) and I have to say that I don't find them all that great. Not terrible - but I like the Swede Gillettes much more.

    I don't know why, but they seem to give me some irritation (although I'm still experimenting) and it's driving me NUTS. I do like the fact that I don't have to be as careful with them as Feathers. They do seem to last very well although I don't like that the little package they come in (5 blades) doesn't have a spot for used blades on the back.

    I think I bought too many...
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    I've only been using these for two weeks, but with a dozen shaves under my belt I'm satisfied that these are wonderful blades. I enjoy the scary close shave of a Feather as much as the next guy, but I find that I can get just as close with these with less irritation. They practically invite blade buffing, and they seem to work particularly well with my super speeds.
    All in all, they provide a very good combination of closeness and smoothness, and my crystal ball tells me I'll be buying a ton of these.

    As far as the packaging is concerned, I actually prefer the lack of a slot for used blades, as it further allows me to suffer for my art.
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    I've been using Derby blades for two weeks also (thanks to a kind donation of a couple of blades from a forum member) and have to say I like them. Smooth shaves and very little, if any irritation.

    I've only ranked them on what I can at this point as I haven't actually purchased any of my own yet and the ones I received came in some cardboard packaging so I haven't seen anything in its original form yet.

    i.e. They're sharp, pretty darn smooth, don't irritate my skin and I get 5 shaves out of them, which is a work week for me and I don't shave at the weekend.

    I'll more than likely be buying these in some greater numbers.

    **EDITED to reflect I've now had some of these in retail packaging**
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    For me the best overall blade is the Swedish Gillette & it is my benchmark of 10 for quality, sharpness, longevity & smoothness.

    Most Gentlemen will have to buy these blades in bulk unfortunately - minimum order a 100 typically. Comparing like with like the main competitor will therefore be the Israeli Personna's. I'm impressed with both but the Israeli's are generally a little cheaper so they get the 10 & the Derby's get a respectable 9.

    Quality is a 10 - I've never had a duff one.

    Sharpness - not as sharp as a Swede, Feather or the Tesco's mystery blade. Just as good as Merkur Platinums or Israeli's, no possibly even better than those two.

    Longevity - they last me my shaving week (6 shaves) so no problems there.

    Smoothness of shave - this is probably where I am most critical of blades - Not as good as a Gillettes Swede or the Tesco's, similar to a Feather & Israeli and better than the Personna, Merkur, Wilkinson Sword etc. A very respectable 9.

    Packaging - not that critical to me. Good that the blade is wrapped and comes in a box - unfortunately no disposal slot in the box.

    Overrall a first class buy for those who find the Swedes, Feathers & Merkurs not worth the considerable per blade price premium.


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    I've been using the Derby's for a week now and think they're great blades - got a great deal on 50 from an ebay seller - shipping to canada was only $2.99.

    They're better than the Merkur blades I was using - sharper and smoother shave and leagues better than the wilkinson or gillette blades I can get locally. I'm not sure how they compare to the feather blades, but if you're looking to try something new I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Derbys.

    I'm not sure why we rate the packaging on blades, but since we do, the Derby blade safe isn't as convenient as the slotted version.

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    Price: Excellent blade for the price

    Quality: Top quality blade well made.

    Sharpness: I found them to be sharp to the point where its comfortable, so if you miss a spot or need to go back minimises irritation.

    Longetivity: I have not got that far yet but im sure it will last me around 7 shaves.

    Smoothness of shave: This is what i like about this blade. You think its not a sharp blade but it gives a real close shave. Closest one i have ever had.

    Packaging: To me its just a s good as any other. Maybe they can make a 10 pack thats all.

    Overall an excellent blade thats a bargain in price.

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    I've only been using a DE for a few weeks, and have only used Derbys. So far I think they are a good blade.

    I gave them a nine. of course price is pretty much a non-factor when compared to cartridge razors.

    The second blade out of my first pack seems to have been a bit dull to start with. Otherwise they've all been good.

    I would probably like to see them just a bit sharper, but they are good considering my newbie status.

    Right now I'm getting about 4 shaves per blade, but I could probably get more.

    Smoothness of Shave:
    I rated them an nine. Not a lot of skipping.

    I'm underwelmed by the packaging. It works in that it holds new blades and has a used blade slot, but you have to open a little door to put the used blades back in and overall it's not very elegant.

    Overall a good blade that seems to be trustworthy considering my limited experience. I'll also be trying the Merkur blade that came with my HD and Feathers at some point. I can get Derbys and Feathers locally, so that's convienent.

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    I've had time to use a trio of these blades, and I like them. With most of my shaving items, I pretty much go thumbs up or down. I don't go into the deep down evaluation. Well, for me the Derby blades get a Thumbs Up!

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    Great blades when used in conjunction with my VISION.

    I will definitely be ordering a 100 pack in the near future.

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    I was a skeptic when it came to blades. Having read reviews of various blades as being super sharp, smooth or whatever. I figured a razor blade is a razor blade. However, I saw these Derby extras on Ebay, and the price was right, so I figured I'd buy 100. After all, they aren't that much more than what I pay a the local store for personnas. But again, I figured, these are made in what, the Czech Republic, and then shipped half way around the world to this ebay guy and then across the country to me. How sharp can they be after all that jostling? Besides, personnas are "laser controlled".

    So, I put one in my razor (gilette super speed) and give it a go. I was expecting the usual nicks and irritation. I am a skeptic no more! This was hands down the finest safety razor shave I have ever gotten. Every hair cut effortlessly. Sharp from beginning to end, and virtually no razor irritation even after multiple passes. My face was truly BBS, even my neck which is a very difficult area for me. I've been running my hand on my cheek all day long in amazement, and here at 9 pm (I shaved at 5 am) its still as smooth as my personna would have gotten it this morning.

    I'm a convert.


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    I'd give them a 10 for quality, but I did run into a bad one the other day that tore my face up. Aside from that, they're a great blade. Nice and sharp, giving me consistently smooth shaves. Cheap blades that produce a great shave.

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    Thumbs up Just got my derby blades

    I am pretty new to DE shaving (been about 8 weeks) and started out on Feathers, then Merkurs and now have tried the Derby. I have the unfortunate combo of a rough beard and a sensitive face. The Feathers were too harsh and I found the Merkur blades a little better, but had a couple of really srapey shaves. After reading this forum, I bit the bullet and bought 100 Derby blades from howard1616 on eBay.

    This was a great purchase. I shave with short strokes, so I tend to overlap strokes a bit. The Derby blades are smooth, sharp and have provided me with the best DE shaves I have had so far. No knicks, no ingrown hairs and no redness...lovely shaves.

    I would highly recommend these blades to those of you who have sensitive skin. I would also recommend howard1616 as a source. Great price, no shipping charges and really prompt.

  19. Default Working fine

    I bought 100 of the Derby blades and have been using them exclusively through three of the small packages.
    They have a bit of drag (every last bit of shaving soap is scraped away with each stroke, leaving behind dry skin), but when I have a good one in the razor, the shave is very, very close.
    The bad news is that in these first three boxes of five I have had to toss about every 3rd or 4th blade because of the punishing it gave my face. The good ones go at least 7 days, the bad ones get dumped after the first swipe.
    For the price, I can afford to pitch even 25% of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemurenai
    These blades can be gought 100 at a time cheap. They last a week and are pretty good in terms of quality, I would say as good or better than the expensive Merkur's. I give packaging a 10 because to me packaging has no value, I don't get why people would allow the rating of a razor to fall because of the packaging..
    I have to disagree on packaging being a part of the equation. It's not a deal breaker if the blade is outstanding and the price is right. However, I like a package that has an easy to use used blade storage. It's not a big deal, but it is part of the package, at least in this case where packaging is also functional. Although the package is heaps better than the Israli Personnas of which I just bought 200.

    Longevity is pretty low on the importance scale for me at the price of 16 cents each. I change blades about every 2-3 days whether it needs it or not, so I wouldn't even know if these will go longer. Since they always last at least 3 days with the same performance as the first I have to give them a 10 in this area.
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