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Thread: FS -- Feather All Stainless Razor

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    Default FS -- Feather All Stainless Razor

    I bought this a few months ago and it just doesn't work for me. I have only used it 5 times, so the condition of the razor, wood case, and shipper is basically "as new" with original sealed blade pack. I thought that the wood case looked a bit bland and unfinished, so I put a coat of satin black and protective clear coat on it. PM if interested, and provide an email so I can send an invoice so you have proof of exactly what you are buying. Thanks.

    Asking $140 with Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation. Shipping to US only.

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    nice price.. good luck I just bought one

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    The reviews of the Feather Stainless seem to have no middle ground: plenty of super fans and just as many detractors. Sorry it didn't work for you but good luck with your sale!

    P.S. Purists might resist your custom paint job but it actually looks pretty cool!

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    PM sent

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    It pains me when I see my favorite razor for sale, but then I remember I got mine "on sale" on BST.
    Have a great shave!

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    The Feather is sold and is now winging its way to the Lone Star State to 43moon.

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    Thats the extra special makers mark super duper edition it comes in a VIP black box or he could have just thought the box was bland and put a coat of black satin on it.
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    Well, I sure hate to jump in on anyone's thread but, when I attempt to start a WTB thread, I get the message I don't have enough points--I'm presuming I haven't posted enough...or whatever. Sooooo....I've missed two chances to get a Feather stainless in this forum and since the original thread post hasn't been marked "sold" yet I'll wager folks are still reading this thread. Anyone have one they are willing to sell?


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