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    This is a 1964 (J2) Slim Adjustable. Razor is Sold!!! The photos hopefully show what you need to know. As seen, there are some areas of brassing on the handle. A small smudge of some kind between #7&9. Black is half off of #5, otherwise the numbers look pretty good. Overall, for a 46 yr. old razor it is still very shiny. The best part is the entire head is nice and shiny with only the usual signs of wear. Doors close tightly, number dial functions as it should. Blade gap is even.

    This razor shaves excellently, but, alas, I have 2. I've decided to scale down the den a bit by selling a few duplicates. Asking $22.00 shipped CONUS. Paypal only please. Thanks for looking.
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    Free Bump on a nice looking slim hope someone who needs a slim snags this one.

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