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Thread: Personna Tungsten '74' injector blade

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    Default Personna Tungsten '74' injector blade


    Although I rarely use injectors now, I do like getting em out of the shaving arsenal from time to time. Years ago, before switching to a DE, I used various injectors exclusively for a good 6-8 months. The right blade and razor combo was found after some trial and error, and then the shave was very good. My final set up was an M type adjustable with some NOS Personna 'Twinjector' blades. Yeah, I tried the various other blades like the ones from Pella, various brands from CVS and the like, a few others I've forgotten, and even the two current Schick versions.

    So a little while back the M type (dialed in perfectly) was calling to me once again. This time though, I loaded up one of these vintage Tungsten 74s. I'd had em for some time and figured I'd give em a shot. Some reviewers gave em a good write up, so what the heck.

    Within the first couple strokes, I knew I'd found my new bestest blade....heh. Now these things are SHARP. Man, they blew my former favorite away. These things whacked them whiskers like no other injector blade ever did in the past. Matter of fact, they were so effective I dialed back a little bit (from 4 to 3) to compensate. Nice having that option in a razor.

    This blade is very smooth, but not a particularly forgiving one. I found out pretty quick that using these meant paying more attention to detail than what's usually needed. After that one little 'wake up call', the rest of my shaves were bloodless. Heh, I just wasn't expecting the blade to be so sharp.

    I tossed the blade after 5 excellent shaves, although I probably could have gone a couple more. I noticed just the slightest bit of resistance after 5 and figured I was gonna retire the injector anyway.

    I'd love to find more of these things. They were a real eye opener for me, and I'd recommend trying em for yourself.
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    I was PIFed a Personna 74 Injector blade, and it does live up to reputation for longevity. I got 18 solid, close, comfortable shaves from one injector blade. It was just starting to pull, so I probably could have gotten 20 shaves from it easily.

    For purpose of comparison, a regular Injector blade will go about 8 shaves for me.

    Other than longevity, I found these blades to perform similar to regular Schicks, and Personnas, so I wouldn't pay top dollar for them, or go out of my way to find them.
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