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    Default Dunnit!

    After a few months of occasional attempts to get a good shave with a straight, I've finally done it. The best BBS shave I've managed with any type of razor!

    The razor was an old Bengal straight I bought for a few quid on eBay which I've honed up on an old double sided barber hone, also from eBay.

    The cream was Taylor's Avocado, whipped into a frenzy with my B&B finest brush.

    Everything seemed to fall into place tonight. It was my first shave for a few days after my only ever disasterous shave with a Feather in my HD. I think it must have been a duff blade as this was the third rough shave with it and this time it took chunks out of my neck!

    I remember a post a few weeks ago about someone getting cleaner shaves after a few day's lay-off. Hmm?

    Anyway, three fairly quick passes top to bottom, chin to ear and against the grain with the Bengal and it's perfect. Not a nick, not a missed bit under the chin!

    I'm so happy...

    Try everything in life except incest & morris dancing - Guy Warrack (1900-86).

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    congrats man! You have reached nirvana!

    The only problem is that now you have set the bar so high, all others will pale in comparison!

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    Great job... once you go to straight razors DE's are used only on days when you are in a hurry

    I find a 3 pass straight shae gives a much closer shave than 3 pass DE shave


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