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    Question Newbie greetings and a question

    Hi everyone. I stumbled my way here from Leisureguy's blog.

    Total noob to DE razor shaving but had my first 'real' shave this morning and was seriously impressed with the result. No nicks and the closest shave I've ever had with no irritation at all. My Fusion Power was quickly handed away to my father-in-law.

    Attached is a picture of my current setup. Futur is loaded with Merkur blades but I'm looking to try Gillette since I can get hold of them so easily.

    In the future (Read: Once the Kent soap is all gone) I'm going to try the L'Occitane since I love their stuff, then onto the Trumpers Rose or Violet.

    My question though is regarding the brush. The one pictured came with the Kent soap. It's not Kent branded and I think it's hog hair. Either way it builds lather OK but it's prickly and I've got sensitive skin so I'd like something softer.

    I won't be switching off hard soap and I lather in a bowl.

    Can anyone recommend a good noob-friendly brush for this kind of setup?

    Ideally I'd like to spend no more than £50 ($98), £60 ($118) tops.*

    Any help, tips or advice would be most welcome.

    * Conversion correct at time of going to press
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