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Thread: opinion on mamma bear colognes

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    Default opinion on mamma bear colognes

    Just looked at the mamma bear site and saw several colognes I might like just wanted to hear some opinions.

    The ones I was really interested about was the indian sandalwood, and the mysore sandalwood. I am obsessed with sandalwood fragrances I have to have them all. Thanks

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    Get the Mysore Sandalwood. It smells fantastic!

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    Scotty, can you give any info on how it smells compared to some of the colognes out there?

    Here are some guaging points, lets see if you can fill it in somewhere alone that?

    Sweeter Sandalwood- Creed Original Santal

    Semi Sweet- Floris Santal

    more of a Sandalwood Candle scent (more incense)- Tom Dao

    Is that enough of a continuum?

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    This is my first Sandalwood cologne so I can't compare it to any others.
    Mama Bear emailed me stating that the Mysore Sandalwood smells more like the real Sandalwood than the other one.

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    I'm with Scotty on this! Mysore Sandalwood soap is my favorite Mama Bear soap. If I only had to choose one soap from all of her offerings, that would be it. The cologne has the same great scent, and it is long-lasting.

    I describe it as a clean scent... like the smell of fresh-cut sandalwood. That's Mama Bear's description, too!

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    Ditto on the Mysore Sandalwood EDT...very nice. I also found the Dragon's Blood, with its touch of vanilla, to be pleasant as well. I would consider both a major bargain.

    I also purchased the Cedarwood & Lemon and the Gentlemen's Blend. The Cedarwood is a bit overpowering right away but evens out as the day progresses. The Gentlemen's Blend is quite nice but just doesn't have any longevity. That said I would still consider them a decent buy.
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