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Thread: FS- 4 Adjustable Gillettes

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    Default FS- 4 Adjustable Gillettes

    All are SOLD!!! THANKS B&B!!!!My other hobby, music, is really biting into my budget right now. I'm trying to get money together to get some PA equipment. Anyone who has ever priced that kind of thing knows what I'm talking about.

    So, I am listing 4 Adjustable Gillettes. They have some cosmetic spots (scuffing on the head, brassing on the razor plate, or spots on the handle), but are perfectly functional. I've looked around on BST to try to price them fairly. If you feel I'm out of line, let me know. $18 each, shipped to CONUS w/tracking or 2 for $30. Paypal please. Just reference the date code in your PM to help me keep everything straight.

    By the way that weird spotting on all the razor heads is the reflection of the date code from the papers.
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    PM Sent.

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    All are sold pending payment.
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    All are SOLD!!! THANKS B&B!!!!

    Superspeed Blowout coming tommorrow!!!

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