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Thread: Fuller Brush Shaving Bowl

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    Default Fuller Brush Shaving Bowl

    I almost pulled the trigger last night on this eBay auction (just because I think it looks cool) but someone beat me to it with a BIN ($8.99 + postage).

    What do you think...should I have snapped this up or is it just a piece of yard sale junk? This overexposed picture doesn't show it, but there's two separate for the soap and a larger one for lathering. There's additional photos at the auction link.


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    There have been a ton of those floating around lately, some with the Fuller blue and white brushes that came with them. They are, like the two-piece yellow catalin brush and holder sets (also by Fuller), classic sets from a classic name in American grooming and retail. No different than an Old Spice mug or a Seaforth mug or a shaving soap dish from Lentheric, MacGregor, Stag or Tawn. I want one, no reason you shouldn't have one. Go for it.
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    There is a set of shaving mugs with a bronze/brown colored version on ebay right now. I was just thinking I would have taken that one in a heart beat if it was by itself. I think its really nice.
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