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Thread: 1st Annual Straight Razor/Wet Shaving Convention

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    Default 1st Annual Straight Razor/Wet Shaving Convention friend Charlie and I were talking about this and decided that we should have the 1st Convention in Chicago before the end of this year. We will try to get a block of rooms at a discount and a room for vendors as well as a room for presenters and get togethers. The event can be co-sponsored by all the other forums interested as well. I would also love to get Barber Jay from Indiana out to do straight razor shaves for us too. I'm sure we could come up with a great Agenda together.

    So....what do you guys think? All recommendations and comments welcome.



    Snipped from a later post:

    Looks like we are set to have this super event on Saturday 10/20 at the Hampton Inn Chicago River North in downtown Chicago.
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